Naomi 2020


HD 0 24 minutes
Based on the masterpiece of Japanese literary writer TANIZAKI Jun’ichirō, Naomi, this is an ambitious work by KATASHIMA Ikki showcasing his unique and bold style of cinematography. The original novel is set in the early 20th century during which the western influence largely affected Japan. However, this film version is set in the 70s, when Japan was starting to enjoy its affluence and the World Exposition was held in Osaka. In the middle of a hot and humid summer, Joji, a middle-aged man, appears to be enchanted by a young and attractive Naomi. Joji openly pursues her, while Naomi sometimes despises and makes fun of him. Regardless, Joji falls more and more for her. One Day, Naomi suddenly disappears. Joji’s jealousy and obsession surmounts until it threatened to destroy them all.

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